Pioneer Insurance to Filipinos: Start planning your travel for super long weekend

The super long weekend is just a few days away and Pioneer Insurance is encouraging Filipinos to start planning ahead for their travel as they take advantage of this rare opportunity to take a break for full nine days.

According to the Super Long Weekend Cheat Sheet released by Pioneer, October 28 and 29 fall on a weekend while October 30, which is a Monday, was declared a non-working day due to the Barangay election. November 1 is All Saint’s Day and November 2 is All Soul’s Day which are both non-working holidays while November 4 and 5 fall on a weekend. Only October 31 and November 3 are regular working days which they can file for as leaves.

Pioneer FVP and Marketing Head Len Pozon encourages Filipinos to capitalize on the upcoming super long weekend by traveling locally or abroad. “We don’t get this much chance in a year to go out and see the world while spending time with our families and friends for a longer period,” Pozon said.

Pozon also gave assurances that Pioneer is ready to provide the necessary protection for the super long weekend to Filipino travelers as they prepare for a worry-free trip for both domestic and international travel.

“We made our travel insurance called SafeTrip affordable for as low as P199 and accessible to all travelers with internet access through the InsureShop ( with several payment options like debit or credit cards, e-wallets, mobile banking, or electronic bank transfers available to the customer,” Pozon revealed. 

Benefits of the Pioneer SafeTrip insurance for international travel include Medical Emergencies with personal accident and emergency evacuation coverage, Flight Delays where cash assistance is given for every 6 hours of delay on one’s travel, and Baggage Mishaps to protect baggage from damage and loss.

As the super long weekend approaches, Pioneer Insurance is continuing its #TravelConfidently #MakeItCount awareness campaign to advocate for safe travel by sharing a series of educational travel trips and advisories through its various communication platforms.

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