Techxistence precedes essence?

Intro: Techxistence precedes essence?

The acceleration of digitalization taking over human existence made me reexamine life’s meaning while waiting for my internet connection to be restored. My mobile device has been reduced into a dumb phone deprived of information from my social media accounts and other apps that rely heavily on the internet.  

Not being connected creates this sudden vacuum of utter helplessness inside me while struggling to keep anxiety from completely embracing my being. I can’t seem to function properly as a normal person in this digital world.

I feel meaningless, again.

This rediscovered consciousness of absurdity makes me question life’s essence once again like when I was a Philosophy student back in the day when digital lifestyle was defined by owning a pager.

Today, the overwhelming advancement of technological breakthroughs and the convenience it brings totally transformed how we live our day-to-day lives.  

Existence has still the same Sisyphean framework as described by Existentialist Albert Camus, but gadgets, apps, and even artificial intelligence greatly enhanced how we repeatedly pushed the boulder up and roll it back down from the mountain.

Absurdity became efficient.

The efficiency that we enjoy brought by the benefits of technology provides us with the illusion that we finally found meaning within the absurd cycle of existence because life has become convenient.  

Finally, my internet connection has been restored…

(Exploring technology using existentialism will be the premise for the content of my new blog called Techxistentialist.)

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