Pioneer Insurance powers car sharing start-up DOON

Pioneer Insurance has recently partnered with DOON as its official insurance provider. DOON is a peer-to-peer car sharing company that pulls together a network of car owners so they can rent out their vehicles to anyone in need of short-term car service.

As DOON’s official insurer, Pioneer provides comprehensive coverage for every car booking which benefits both the car owner and the renter.

The conventional comprehensive motor insurance policy offers one-year coverage and does not include vehicles used in rent-a-car business.

Pioneer VP for Motor Insurance, Iluminado Garcia III revealed that by becoming the official insurance provider for DOON’s car hosts and renters and offering bite-sized insurance that’s specifically crafted to cover only the days these vehicles are booked, it exemplifies the company’s drive to innovate and passion for service.

“Pioneer will give car owners peace of mind every time they rent out their vehicles because of the protection we are providing through this partnership with DOON,” Garcia said.

With this initiative, Pioneer covers own damage, theft, acts of nature, third party damage and bodily injury, and personal accident for the driver and passengers. 

“Thanks to Pioneer Insurance, we can assure our car hosts, who are our key stakeholders, of a worry-free partnership knowing that their vehicles are in good hands while they generate passive income,” DOON Founder and Chief Executive Officer Enrique Martin Hormillo said.

“We are also giving our customers the confidence to drive a rented insured car,” Hormillo added.

The car-sharing app, which has a similar business model to Airbnb, allows car owners to monetize their idle vehicles at home while providing customers with a cost-efficient alternative to go about their trips, be it for business or leisure.  The coverage provided by Pioneer is thus seen to encourage business since car owners will be more willing to rent out their vehicles.

Hormillo also shared that DOON has become the first fully insured car sharing marketplace because of its partnership with Pioneer.

Pioneer, which has been lighting the path forward for Filipinos for 70 years through its innovative products and services, has once again proven that innovation is key in responding to the changing needs of Filipinos.

“This policy is a game-changer and a proof of how Pioneer stays true to its commitment, one innovation at a time,” Garcia said.

DOON is available for download in Google Play for Android users and App Store for IOS users to start booking a car.

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